Jacks Youth Cafe

Jacks Youth Cafe - venue for under 18s

Fusion Australia has operated either a “Youth Café” or a Youth Drop-in Centre in Hornsby for 38 of the last 52 years… first in Coronation Street (“The Attic”), then next to Hornsby Station (“Jacks Island Café”) then at 5 Jersey Street (“Jacks Youth Café”).
Jacks is attended by all manner of high school aged young people – some come just for a milkshake and company. For some it is for more significant reasons.
Jacks has a range of volunteers of different
ages and life experiences, from teenagers to grand-parents. All our volunteers are screened and are provided with the necessary training. It is a place where young people feel known and cared for.
Jacks has a clear set of rules or ‘norms’ that are designed to help people feel respected and safe. It is a place where young people know they have others who believe in them and their potential, and will both challenge and
encourage them.
At Jacks youth Cafe, young people can participate in a range of different activities including: pool, table tennis, Nintendo Wii & Sony Playstation 2 gaming, arts & crafts, board games and much more.